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Choose to become a competent communicator!

Being competent communicators is not a gift, it is a choice. Creating a path developed ad hoc on the person it is possible to focus on the functioning of most of the relationships experienced every day.

An arena for improvement.

Upwords is an arena in which to improve communication skills whose specific aim is to elevate (Upwo(a)rds) the person thanks to a path built together. Nowadays, it is widely recognized how important communication is in both personal and work life. 

Competence and awareness.

How many people can truly define themselves as competent communicators? Being competent in communication means being aware that the choice of our words combined with our presence are what can make the difference in our relationships.

The strength of our team

A team of relationship professionals who firmly believe in the deep value that only people can generate.


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Specialize in your success!

Each person comes from different backgrounds and experiences, so each person has different needs and goals. The ai of the academy is to identify the most suitable path to reach the concrete result: the improvement of communication and consequently of personal relationships.


Public speaking trainer & consultant.
A partner for your training!

If it is true that the value of a professional corresponds to the number of obstacles he has faced, I am the right person for you.

My name is Andrea Liotto, I am a trainer and public speaking consultant.

I have spent the last 9 years of my life studying and applying communication to the world of work. 

After a first experience in the United States in the jewelry sector, I joined my father in the family business from 2012 to 2020, managing up to more than 30 people of different sex, culture and background, facing numerous difficulties and strengthening myself more and more as a person and as a professional. In the meantime, I graduated in Communication Strategies in Padua where I specialized in Public Speaking and Non-Verbal Communication.

As soon as I graduated, I won a one-year research call that allowed me to deepen the theme of intercultural communication, then I completed a master's degree in scientific analysis of human behavior with the NeuroComScience laboratory.

I lived in the United States and Spain for work and study reasons. These experiences have allowed me to grow from many points of view, especially the linguistic one. Being able to apply the knowledge I acquired at university was a "formidable gym" in everyday work.

I first learned the difference between theory and practice, I have improved method and strategies to build successful relationships and today I am ready to pass on my background. 


I am deeply convinced that conscious and strategic communication can make a difference in people's lives; through public speaking I try to achieve this goal every day.


Ways built on your needs!

Passionate people, entrepreneurs, parents, executives, students, researchers, professionals, each with their own needs and goals. Together we discover what yours is, break it down and create the most suitable path to achieve your aims.

Specific paths

Through specific communication paths created ad hoc on the needs and requirements of the customer, awareness paths are undertaken on the importance of knowing how to communicate strategically.

We are our relationships. And behind the relationships there is always an act of communication.

Conscious communication

Knowing how to communicate in a conscious and strategic way can make the difference in our daily relationships. We often believe that “saying something is equivalent to communicating something”; there is a subtle but fundamental difference: those who speak often do so without being fully aware of the potential of that communicative act and the consequences it may produce. This is why many relationships on a daily basis lead to stress, misunderstandings, frustrations and, in the worst case, to a breakdown of relationships.